Water Tank Cleaning

Water Tank Cleaning

If you have a rainwater collection system for the water you drink, cook and wash with, then it’s important to get your water tanks cleaned regularly. The Ministry of Health advises an inspection of water tanks at least once a year.

Our trucks are fitted with independent water tank cleaning equipment, and this work is undertaken separately to septic tank cleaning. Thus ensuring there is no fear of cross contamination.

We have two types of cleaning services available for round water tanks.

Standard Clean

  • The tank is vacuumed out to remove approximately 90%-99% of sediment and sludge from the bottom of the tank (preserving the clean water, without it being removed)*
  • The tank needs to be a minimum of 1/3 full of water, to enable an efficient clean (the more water in the tank the better the result)
  • It takes around one hour to complete **
  • We can arrange delivery of water to refill the tank on completion of the clean

Deep Clean

  • Remove 100% of the sludge and sediment from your tank
  • Our technicians (certified to work within confined spaces), will clean the interior walls and floor, then vacuum leaving the interior of the tank clean
  • The tank needs to be empty
  • This is recommended if your tank has been contaminated (i.e. algae bloom, chemicals, etc) or if it hasn’t been cleaned for 10 years or more
  • It takes around four hours to complete and the tank is left empty**
  • We can arrange delivery of water to refill the tank on completion of the clean

If your water tank is square, rectangle or another shape  please contact us and we will see what cleaning options will work best for you.

*This process is only to remove algae and debris from inside the tank, we do not guarantee existing water in tank is safe to consume.

**Due to tank condition, timing and prices may vary.

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